Become a highly paid mentor and learn how to get financial advisors, life insurance agents, CPAs, and tax attorneys calling you and bringing you their best clients.

Work as a business owner, an ENTREPRENEUR…

NOT A TECHNICIAN! without interrupting your current business day

Our mentorship programs contain a proven business model that almost anybody can follow,

as well as a new way of thinking (MINDSET) that opens your mind to success

  • We are not an FMO/IMO
  • You do not have to move your contracts to work with CBA
  • You do not have to stop doing what you doing now to work with our group!

We are your sales team, marketing/mentorship partners, research, and development team and are able to assist you and your clients with an in-house third-party administration (TPA). We work for you!! From discovery (fact-finder process) to case design, to closing business.

In addition to your lifetime access to CBA’s Mastermind group, we also provide the following.

1. FREE 90-day trial: 3 powerful prospecting software packages – $4000.00 value. Gain perspective. (This offer may end without notice.)

2. MBO Access: Go at your own pace with our Mentorship by Objective (MBO)

3. Unlimited time with William (Bill) Hall and the back-office team for strategy sessions and Q&A on actual case design and active prospects.

4. Back-office private login from your new website.

5. Lifetime access to CBA’s Mastermind Group with hands-on mentorship for live cases.

6. QLS mentorship with one on one training and with a powerful drip mail and video campaign.

7. Personalized Fact-Finder (Financial Profile) in the cloud – Click on submit and your back-office is notified instantly.

8. Promo code for a Video training course though Kravitz. Ask us about the promo code to become a Cash Balance Consultant with Kravitz. (This offer may end without notice)

9. Drip e-mail marketing campaign with on-going fresh content to build your business. This alone is a $10,000 value.

10. In-house underwriting. This is rare and very valuable to the success of closing your premium financing and QLS business. It’s usually also expensive, but you pay nothing for this service.

11. A member of our group will most likely fly or drive to your location to work with you and your sub-advisors to support you in closing new business.

12. Professional website and landing page.

The above is easily valued at over $50,000 and the back office is priceless. There is no other back office team like this in the U.S., especially not under one roof.

With a back office like this, you won’t need to follow the crowd in the overly saturated retirement planning business.

Your back office will complete the case design and meet with you and your prospects for any strategy below. Marketing and promoting multiple strategies is the biggest mistake that most advisors make… DON’T be most advisors. By promoting one niche, the other strategies will be tested for suitability during the discovery period.

Our professionals with these credentials are mostly under one roof

​​Tax Attorney – ERISA Attorney – ERPA, QPA, CRPS, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MAAA, MSPA, and Actuarial Advisor can complete your case design. You can pick your niche, and we’ll teach you all you need to know to start growing your tax-planning business. YOU NEED NO EXPERIENCE TO GET STARTED TODAY.

  • Cash Balance Plans
  • 199a has made cash balance even more popular.
  • DB Plans to increase a top-line-deduction of up to $2,900,000 with an IRS determination letter.
  • Very unique premium financing structures. QLS – 401(k) / IRA exit strategy.
  • COLI – must be for 50 employees or more.
  • Company-Owned Tax-Free Retirement Plans funded with our exclusive contribution premium financing (No out-of-pocket expense for the owners or employees).