When you follow the crowd and have the same offer as the other million financial advisors and life insurance agents, you have to spend a lot on marketing to make $1 million per year.

But when you have a Unique Value Proposition like ours, you just have to get the word out. Then your prospects will find you. Take it from a guy who spent over $2.5 million in the seminar business without a Unique Value Proposition. We are with you every step on the way to your first high net worth prospect.

We work within a niche. If you focused on one thing with a singular intensity, you’d be the best in the world at it. Most people can’t do that, so they settle for mediocrity.

When you change the bait, you change the game.

Not only wealthy business owners and the affluent individuals, but financial planners, life agents, real estate agents, P&C agents, CPAs, tax attorneys, and other professionals will soon be calling to inquire about you and your advanced tax planning team.

Stop Looking for Secrets, Tricks, or Shortcuts

“People are always asking me about the secrets and tricks I use to get results. Sorry if this disappoints you: There are no secrets. There are no tricks. If anything, it’s the opposite: Whether you’re a pro athlete or a guy running a business or driving a truck or going to school, it’s simple. Ask yourself where you are now, and where you want to be instead. Ask yourself what you’re willing to do to get there. Then make a plan to get there. Act on it…. There are no shortcuts.” — Tim Grover


Learn why prospecting by mentorship is easy with our UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION.

Marketing is what you do when you are no different from your competitors. At Cash Balance Advisors, we have no competitors. Mentorship will soon take on a new meaning for you.

Finding the prospect with your niche.

  • First, you have to bring value. We provide the largest top-line tax deductions to ever be approved to the wealthiest 1% of taxpayers. Can you think of a better niche?
  • Our strategies are not found on Main Street, and even if they happened to be found, no one can execute the way our team can. The reason most can’t break into the affluent market is that they’re using the same methods they using with the other 99%. They don’t have the knowledge or access to the kind of team we have. It took us years to get to this point. We have made a comprehensive and complex business model easy for you to plug into.
  • All of the drip mail, direct mail, video mail, brochures, sales scripts, and other marketing materials have already been designed for you and are waiting for you in your CBA Accelerator program.
  • It’s much less expensive to market to 1% than it is to 99%… common sense, right?

There are 3 stages in our mentorship and training program to ultimately getting prospects to contact you.

Stage 1: Finding the right prospect is our first goal, and we are with you every step of the way. You will have hands-on training with the most powerful prospecting software in the industry.

Stage 2: Training on the software begins the first week. In order to have a campaign, we must first have a target, and the software with the right algorithm provides the target.

Stage 3: Also in the first week, we provide our powerful sales scripts for you to use when you are networking within the one percent market. (See the top of this page.).

  • Once we, as a team, have found a prospect, we can focus on game planning, mindset, and mentorship. To have a prospect means we have a financial profile on the prospect. No data, no prospect!
  • We show you, the advisor, our proposal on the tax strategy first. Most likely this will be a cash balance plan with a way to convert the CBP to a tax-free Roth IRA and defer the conversion tax for life. It’s about to get better.

Be sure to ask us for the Roth conversion strategy video. <<

Note: Cash balance plans are the fastest growing retirement plans in America, but when you provide training to CPAs on how they can bill or charge a percentage of the tax savings…YOUR VALUE will build your business.

The $77,000 tax savings from the graphic above will grow to even more savings once you provide the new 199A solution. By the way, the software helps to do this for you! The software itself is turnkey.

You can now host—or we can host for you—webinars for your local financial professionals. CPAs make a living off the 95% community, so they can’t possibly spend hundreds of hours to try to help 1% of the taxpayers. You should be starting to get the picture.

It gets better yet. Now, with their newfound money, your prospect can afford more life insurance—probably purchased through you. You will also pick up ancillary business almost 100% of the time. The commission on $77,000 from the tax savings, plus the 199A tax savings, is far above average. However, if we use one of our unique premium financing structures, the commissions can be quadruple or more.

The above is our niche, and you can hopefully see that this is not Main Street planning.

As a result of reducing taxes for the one percent, your back-office team will be able to discover other opportunities during the process. See below for other tax-planning strategies that your back-office team will be able to discover once they start the planning and interviews.

With your new back-office team credentials, you will be able to provide the following tax strategies. Then you can promote and build your new tax planning business like a true professional—and forget about buying leads.

Buying leads is so old-fashioned. Can y0u imagine other professionals buying leads? How many doctors or lawyers do you see doing it? Well, you shouldn’t either.

Let’s build your brand, your business, and your reputation in the community as a tax planner, and then let the technicians do what they do best.

This is not just a network of professionals; this team is mostly under one roof and on salary!

Our team includes: Tax Attorney – ERISA Attorney – ERPA QPA – CRPS – CLU – ChFC – CFP MAAA – MSPA – Actuarial Advisor, and more, mostly under one roof.

Strategies include:

  • Cash balance plans
  • 401(k) market
  • Benefit-focused defined benefit plans to increase a top-line deduction of up to $2,900,000 with an IRS determination letter
  • Captives
  • Monetized instalment sales – Defer the capital gains taxes for life and beyond
  • Very unique premium financing structures
  • QLS – 401(k)/IRA exit strategy
  • COLI (must be for 20 employees or more)
  • Company-owned tax-free retirement plans funded with our exclusive contribution premium financing (No out-of-pocket expenses for the owners or employees)
  • Y20 – Exclusive planning for the $25,000,000 net-worth market
  • Charitable planning
  • All strategies lead to premium financing, but you may also choose premium financing as your niche if you chose to mentor financial planners, CPAs, P&C agents, and life agents.

Once you realize that our back-office team and third-party administrator (TPA) are held to the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility, you will want to get your new prospect on the phone with us as soon as possible. Everyone does. We have special sales scripts to give you as well.

This all works because of the back-office team. The hard part has been done. Now, all you have to do is plug into our proven system.

MENTORSHIP – SOFTWARE – BACK OFFICE – OUR UVP NICHE: Cash Balance Plans + 199A + QLS + Premium Financing = Success!