From NO experience to roughly 10 million worth of business in the 1st year!

To say that Bill Hall helped Bryan Philpot and Keith Kelly expand their business would be a gross understatement. In reality, Bill’s mentorship took them from a different industry to years of explosive growth.

When Bryan first met Bill, he wasn’t even working in the wealth management industry. Under Bill’s mentorship, he got his start and drastically grew his business in the first year. Bill taught him how to structure his processes, how to attract clients, and how to offer them creative and effective solutions. Bryan focused on annuities his first year and did roughly $10 million worth of business.

After more than doubling that number over the next few years, Bryan became partners with Keith Kelly. Bill also mentored Keith and helped him establish his business. Keith found Bill’s expertise utterly invaluable. Bill helped him to establish his sales process and taught him how to truly take care of his client base.

“He’s brilliant,” says Keith of Bill. Keith speaks very highly of Bill’s care for his clients and

his understanding that clients are the most important promoters of a business.

Keith also praises Bill’s creativity when it comes to finding solutions for clients. “He always has a new approach. He finds new plans that will benefit the clients that other people don’t.”

“If you’re getting into the business or have been in the business for a few years and want to grow to the next level, your first step should be to make a call to Bill to see what opportunities he has waiting for you,” says Keith.

Bryan Philpot & Keith Kelly